Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Young Adult?

Given my age (early 20's) some may ask why I would have any interest at all in young adult novels. If you're familiar with the current trend of YA novels being read by all ages, then this might not seem so strange. For a long time though, I did avoid this growing trend. I'd already been through that stage. I read the YA's back when I was in grade school and junior high. By age 13 I was reading Harlequins, and my future in Romance was set.

Today I would like to tell you about the series that brought me back to YA. It's The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer. I came upon this series by chance. I was browing MySpace and saw that Heather Brewer had posted something about looking for reviewers and booksellers to send Advanced Copies of her new book. I thought, hmm...I like vampires. So I emailed her at once and informed her that I am a reviewer and bookseller and would she pretty please send me her book. I was instantly hooked and gladly joined the ranks of her minion horde. :) I was so excited that even though the bookstore I work for wasn't set to get any copies of book 1, Eighth Grade Bites in stock, I ordered them in anyway. With the hard work of myself and my wonderful co-workers we sold 25 copies of a debut book from an unknown author in hardcover. I couldn't believe it, but I was absolutely thrilled.

I truly love these books and I would highly encourage you to look into them. Book #1 is Eighth Grade Bites and this is now available in paperback, Book #2 is Ninth Grade Slays which is still currently only available in hardcover, and the as yet unrelease Book #3 will be Tenth Grade Bleeds. I can't wait. If you need any further information be sure to check out Heather's site at . We're hoping to have her here to do a guest spot sometime in the near future.

So yes after experiencing Vlad I have found my way back into the YA fold. There are so many new series to check out. I'll be asking my sister (another 20-something) for some good recommends. Heck, if I can talk her into it we may even get a Sami Jo recommends spot on here. :)

And now another picture just for fun, and yes I am wearing the same hoodie as Vlad. There's a similar picture posted on Heather Brewer's blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Award Winning YA

I wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to check out the YA 2008 National Book Award Nominees. To learn more about each novel I'm going to send everyone to the National Book Award's website. Why? Its full of past award winners, and information about this years authors.

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brand New Blog

Hey all! This blog was created as the companion blog to Crave More Romance. K and I are both huge fans of romance novels, but we've both found ourselves reading more and more YA novels as well (isn't everyone these days?). So I asked her what she thought about having a connecting blog just for all the great Young Adult titles we read. We can't really discuss them over at CMR, but they are still worth screaming to the rafters about. :) So keep checking back here in the future for reviews of some grea YA titles and hopefully even some guest spots from YA authors.