Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The World Stops for Vlad

...or at least it should. I'm so excited because I got my ARC from Heather Brewer of Tenth Grade Bleeds! Woohoo! I want to drop everything and start reading it. lol However I do want to at least finish the YA books I'm already reading. Not to mention the books I'm supposed to be reviewing for WMY (and CMR). lol I perpetually live in a state of so many books, so little time. *sigh*

I can guarantee I'll be picking up TGB very, very soon. You, my dear readers, won't be seeing my review, however, til much closer to the release date sometime this summer. Not that any of you would dare to forgot about my dear Vlad from the fabulous Heather Brewer, but I know it can get confusing for people to see a review long before the book's release. :)

In the meantime Ninth Grade Slays has been release in paperback, so if you haven't picked up Vlad yet, nows the time to do so. Trust me, it's awesome!

Now it's your turn....since it is Wednesday tell me, what are you looking forward to reading? What's coming out that you can't wait to read?

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Tami Klockau said...

Awesome! Have fun reading the ARC! I have to pick up the first one. I was waiting for the paperback version (I've been spending WAY too much money on books lately).