Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review: Dead Girl in Love by Linda Joy Singleton

Dead Girl in Love
by Linda Joy Singleton

Flux Books

ISBN: 9780738714073

Release Date: August 2009

from the publisher's website:

Oh, wow—I'm my own best friend. Or at least, I'm in her body!

Okay, this assignment will be quick and easy. Thanks, Grammy! See, my dead grandmother keeps finding people who have big problems and then I have the freaky experience of stepping into their life—and their body!—to provide help. This time, I'm in the body of my BFF, Alyce.

Since Alyce and I know everything about each other, I won't have to do a lot of detective work, which is a definite plus. But, as Alyce, I've got some really pressing questions to answer—starting with, What am I doing in this coffin?

my thoughts:

Dead Girl in Love is the third book in the Dead Girl series, but it's the first one that I've read. It definitely has me intrigued to read the other two books. :) Amber is a great character. She's highly motivated and really wants to help people. My favorite secondary character is probably her grandmother. While Amber is running around her in best friend's body, dear old gram is running around in Amber's. You know that's going to lead to some interesting situations. :)

I thought it was interesting the way Linda Joy Singleton explores how little we can know those closest to us in this story. Amber and Alyce have been best friends for years, but until Amber lives in Alyce's skin she has no idea what her best friend's home life is really like.

There was plenty of drama and action to keep me turning the pages and now I'm going to turn around and start the series with the beginning. Even though this book is the third Dead Girl book, I was able to pick it up and understand the story with little problem. However I do recommend reading all of the books because, well, that's the way I am. :) I want the whole story. Book one is Dead Girl Walking, and book two is Dead Girl Dancing. Check them out today!

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Great review, I enjoyed the first two books but haven't gotten around to reading this one, I will soon though :)