Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Recommend Wednesday - Nintendo DS Edition

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read the interview with Cyn Balog. Thanks to Cyn for visiting with us! :) Can't wait for that book of hers.

Sorry I didn't get the eyecatchers up yesterday. I had intended to do a special blog yesterday, but I dont' yet have the pics. As soon as the pictures get loaded onto my comptuer I'll be posting a very special blog about a very cool booksigning that I attended this past Monday (on my birthday - how cool is that?).

Onto today's blog. As you can see from the title today I'm looking for recommendation to go with the new DS I'm getting for my birthday. My Mama has ordered me a very cool Onyx Black DS Lite for my 25th birthday (yeah YA, DS, I really am regressing - did I mention the Ninja Turtles T-shirt I'm wearing?).

Now I need recs for games to play on this thing. I haven't actually received it yet, but even still I already have a case, screen protectors, and 4 games. The games are: Nintendogs Lab & Friends, Inkheart, Cross Words, and some mystery game I can never remember the name of. lol

Anyone have any great game recs for me?


Tami Klockau said...

Oooo, too bad you didn't wait a few weeks. The new DSi is coming out. It holds SD cards, has 2 cameras built in, bigger screen, etc.

Anyway,I just got a great game, if you're into puzzle games called "Boing! Docomadake." It's a blast. Just came out last week.

I love Animal Crossing: Wild World. Also, the Puzzle Quest games (there are two. It's like a puzzle game mixed with an RPG game) are a blast. Most of the Mario games are great...the list goes on. The best game I think on the DS is "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time". LOVE this game.

Tami Klockau said...

Oh, and email me at the YAedge email if you have any more DS questions. :)

sharonanne said...

I second animal crossing. You will become addicted!

HeatherMarie said...

Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely look into these. :) Tami the only way I could have gotten the DSi would be if I'd been willing to kick in $80 to my own birthday gift. lol Mama was trying to stick to around $100 for each of us kids. :)