Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Recommend Wednesday

Hey all! It's You Recommend Wednesday, and since I just woke up, I'm too tired to pick out my own topic today. :) So I'm leaving it up to you. Recommend whatever you'd like. Especially books. I can always use more book recommendations (my family would disagree, but just ignore them).

So go on start recommending.


Saundra Mitchell said...

I recommend Sarah MacLean's "The Season" for a delicious, regency romance treat threaded with a little spicy mystery, and Carrie Ryan's "Forest of Hands and Teeth," which will terrify you and leave you thinking.

HeatherMarie said...

Oh The Season..yes! I came thisclose to reading it, but I had borrowed it from work and had to return it before I could actually get it read. As soon as I get the werewolf books I'm reading for an upcoming guest blog done, I plan on checking out The Season again. Glad to hear you liked it Saundra. :) And yes I'm definitely intrigued by Forest of Hands and Teeth.