Friday, May 8, 2009

Eyecatcher: The Boy Who Couldn't Die by Willaim Sleator

Hey everyone. Well I was shelving again last night, and I found another Eyecatcher to tell everyone about.

The Boy Who Couldn't Die

by William Sleator

Amulet Books

ISBN: 9780810987906

I tried finding a good description for the book online, but they either seemed to give too little detail or too much detail. So here's the best I can give you from what I've seen.

After the death of a friend Ken decides he doesn't want to die. So he convinces a woman (some sites say psychic, others fortune teller) to make him immortal. After her ritual Ken realizes that it worked he is invulnerable to harm. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the only change in him. He's afraid that he's causing harm he's not aware of, and that soon he may hurt someone he loves.

Sounds intense doesn't it? Definitely one I'm going to need to pick up soon. :)

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