Thursday, September 30, 2010

Your Turn Thursday! Reader Interview with Abbey

Here's something I promised all of you a long time ago: Reader Interviews! Here's the first (and hopefully not the last) of my new Your Turn Thursday feature. The questions for this interview come from the Your Turn question from my Author interviews. The author name in parenthesis is the interview the question came from. Please note that some questions have been edited slightly so that they make sense outside of the author's interview.

Name: Abbey

Brief Bio:

I'm 15 and live in northern Illinois. I've been reading almost my whole life. The other day I counted my books and I had about 230 but, I have gotten more since then. I have a younger sister, Alayna, and a kitten named Jerry. One of the only two older boy cousins I have just got married in a town in southern Illinois. I got my Learner's Permit in July so I can drive with a parent! Haha. I'm pretty bad at writing biography's of myself, so I'll stop now.

Who do you think would win in a fight – Edward Cullen or Batman? (Saundra Mitchell)

Edward Cullen. Duh! He could read Batman's mind and then outrun him or blind him with his cuteness. :)

What do you think about your own nose? Oh and for extra credit: where is the best chocolate in your hometown? (Sydney Salter)

I like my own nose most of the time! And in my hometown there's not a lot of chocolate shops... If you like dark chocolate then it's probably Chocolat by Daniel.

I'd usually ask the typical: Team Edward or Team Jacob (lol)...but I'd like to know what kinds of stories you enjoy reading the most (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical, Coming of Age, Romance, etc). (Leigh Brescia)

Team Edward! Haha. I enjoy reading stories that I can relate to.

What element in a book makes you most want to turn the page: Is it suspense, caring about what happens to the character, humor, romance, emotion, or something else? What makes you turn the page?(Cheryl Renee Herbsman)

What makes me turn the page is caring about what happens to the character, romance, emotion, and suspense!

I would love to know if teens want to read serious books or comedies. (Simone Elkeles)

Lots of teens that I know, want to read serious books that have humor in it so they aren't completely serious.

I would love to know what one quality about an author and/or their work turns you into full-fledged, card-carrying, lifetime fans! You know, the kind that makes you tell all your friends and really spread the word about a book and/or its author? (Michelle Zink)

I'm made into a lifetime fan when the books by the author are good and the author tries to connect with their readers.

Are you a fan of happy endings, suspenseful endings, surprise endings or bittersweet ones? And what is your favourite ending and why? (Samira Armin Hodges)

I'm a fan of happy endings. It's my favorite because I get so into my books that I feel what the characters do a lot of the time so if something sad happens I get sad and so on.

What book is at the top of your re-read list, the book that's a total classic for you, and why? (Rhonda Stapleton)

The book at the top of my re-read list is Dreamland by Sarah Dessen because it could happen to anyone.

I'd love to know whether your readers' reading habits are seasonal? I've often heard that lighter fare is great for the summer. Is that true for your readers? If so, what are some book fall/winter books that you enjoy reading? As for me, I prefer to read inside, so I'm partial to the rainy day reading mode and of course, I tend toward darker fare. (Swati Avasthi)

I read anything at anytime. If I see a book that I like I'll pick it up and read it whenever.

I'm curious about what attracts you to a book. Do you browse the bookstore or head in knowing what you want to read? (Shair Maurer)

I have a list currently. But I will go in and find a book that looks really good and get it even if it isn't on my list.

Thanks so much for your responses Abbey! It was great having you here this week. :)

Remember, if you want to be interviewed as a reader for Your Turn Thursday you just need to send an email to wantmyya at gmail dot com and I'll send you the questions.

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