Saturday, November 15, 2008

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The China Garden
By Liz Berry

Whenever I think of the best books I've read I usually come up with a list of five that were out of this world. In fact no word in the English language could even begin to explain how phenomenal they are.
So of course when I began thinking of what book I'd like to recommend here I thought of one of those top five, THE CHINA GARDEN.

From Liz Berry's Website:

'Remember, I tried to stop you. Don't blame me. Remember I tried to warn you.'

Clare is chilled by her mother's warnings to stay away from Ravensmere, the large country house where her mother has taken a private nursing job. But Clare knows she has to go there - it is not a choice but a compulsion. And she only intends to stay a few weeks, anyway, just until she goes to university in the autumn.

Ravensmere is a strange, enchanting place, but she grows increasingly disturbed. How come the local villagers appear to know her? Why is she having these odd visions? And who is the attractive, leather-clad stranger who is watching her? What is the power of the Benison and why must she visit the China Garden in the middle of the night?

Ravensmere casts a magical spell over Clare, drawing her into a mystery that stretches back over thousands of years. She knows that Ravensmere and the valley are in danger and that time is running out - but will she risk her future to save it?

The China Garden is a haunting novel of an ancient legend, family secrets and young love. A heady mixture of romance and mystery.

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HeatherMarie said...

Looks great, hun! Thanks for posting. I know this book has always been one of my sister's favorite books. She fell in love with this book back when she almost never read anything.