Monday, November 24, 2008

Winner Announced!

Woohoo! Big congrats to Vampirecollin! You've won an ARC of Tenth Grade Bleeds. :) Send an email to heather @ (no spaces) with your mailing info. Please contact her within the next four days to claim your ARC.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting while Heather was visiting. Keep checking back for more great guest blogs and reviews.

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FaceyTrey said...

Hi!!! I don’t have one favorite I have many. One of the many is of course is Eighth Grade Bites. I really liked it because first I was in eighth grade when I read it. Second I can relate I’m a ninth grader, and not really in a “group”. Yes I have lost of friends, but we’re not all in the same group, and most of my friends don’t get a long. Some of my friends are nerds, some are jocks, while others are skaters. I’m not just one I’m all; I’m book smart, I love to play sports, and I love to read murder books and wear black. (I also like to wear bight clothes.) I get bullied at school, the guy I like likes my best friend, and I not a vampire but that would be cool! I also like ninth grade slays it is so cool! It makes you want to sink your teeth in to it! I also love the whole Twilight series it is so romantic. The first book is like wow! When Edward saves Bella from James it’s so romantically awesome. In the second book when Edward left Bella I cried. In the third book I loved the part when Edward asked Bella to marry him. In the fourth book the wedding was absolutely beautiful, and Renesmee is so sweet. And the fight in the end is so cool! I also like the series Vampire Knight. It is so cool, even though it’s a manga. I really like the Bloodline series. It’s about continuing Dracula’s Bloodline. I think that’s about it.