Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Report - A Few Weeks Late

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that I had a special blog on the way? Well it took so long because I was awaiting pictures to accompany the post. Yeah they've been sitting on the camera this whole time. Whaddya want I don't own a digital camera so I don't know how to use those new-fangled things. :)

So this post was originally supposed to be titled "Best Birthday Ever!" but weeks later that doesn't seem to fit so well. The reason it was the best birthday? Because on March 16, 2009 I was at a booksigning for the fabulous PC and Kristin Cast. It was so cool! Though naturally very crowded.

I went with my friend and co-worker Brandi, who is responsible for bringing me over to the House of Night. :) We left for the Schaumberg Borders immediately after leaving our own Borders at 3:00, despite that the signing didn't start til 7:00. This was a good thing because not only did we get a bit turned around, but like I said the signing was a bit crowded, so getting there at the last minute was not an option.

Prior to the signing one of the bookstore employees was giving free henna tattoos to all the attendees. She was originally from India and had been doing henna since she was 18. Trust me, this lady knew what she was doing, the henna was gorgeous. Why the henna? Well, if you're familiar with the House of Night books then you know that when the characters become vampyres they develop intricate tattoos. For the majority of the characters the tattoos are on their foreheads and the sides of their faces; for Zoey, the main character, the tattoos are all over her body.

Brandi's hand is on the left, mine is on the right.

The moment finally came when Kristin and PC arrived at the store. There was lots of cheering. Kristin ran up with a camcorder in hand to record it all. :) Then began the Q&A session. I learned one thing very quickly, these women, especially PC, are hilarious. They were so much fun to listen to.

After the Q&A it was time to form the line and get our books signed. The line actually moved pretty quickly. Unfortunately due to the size of the waiting crowd there really wasn't any time for any real one-on-one talking with the ladies which is usually my favorite part of any booksigning. They were still really nice and Kristin even wrote "Happy Birthday" in my book. :)
Below is Brandi with the ladies.

Above is me with the ladies. I'm not sure what's up with the goofy look on my face. I was trying not to smile too big and somehow I wound up not truly smiling at all.

Afterwards, Brandi and I were starving (or so it felt), so we rushed across the street to Woodfield Mall to get some food. And I mean rushed, they were closing in a mere half hour. Thankfully Jimmy John's is always quick. :)

All in all it was a blast, and I'm really glad I went.

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